The timeless limitless is not known by anyone, however wise they may be. At the same time there is no-one who is separate from it. This is the declaration of teaching such as nonduality (Advaita) which try to indicate the oneness.

Some people's understanding resonates with the idea of oneness. For them it makes sense that there cannot be oneness and the person, for that would be two. The inescapable conclusion for them is that each person is the totality of oneness, not a separate individual.

We grew up feeling we were a separate being with our own thoughts and feelings, making our own way in the world. This is because our sensations (sights, hearings, touchings, tastings and smellings), and thoughts and feelings are all interpreted in the brain, so seem to revolve around a particular location. This is a very limited view. Life is magnificent and dreadful. It is breathtaking in its scope and beautiful in its completeness.

Teachings indicating oneness declare that the oneness appears as the many. This is how the multitude is seen. Oneness is never divided, and so it is not the case that oneness and appearance are two, appearance is oneness appearing. So, time and space do not contain Life; Life appears as time and space and then all the things within time and space; galaxies, planets, people, you and me.

Even though each apparent individual lives what he thinks of as Life, Life remains one. Despite the appearances that we see, the ultimately reality is declared to be this oneness, unity.

Thinking thinks "I am an individual" and "I am surrounded by a world outside".This is separation and in separation Life becomes "my life", a much smaller affair, limited to one individual and only existent for the time between a birth and a death.

When the situation is seen clearly, however, then as many have glimpsed, the universe of the known in which we live is torn apart. Thinking is wiped away, there is awe and wonder and all that remains is unconditional love, which is pure being and which is utterly beautiful as well as full and complete.

But while we live in separation, when we think about the universe and contemplate questions concerning the meaning of life, we hit a mystery which thought cannot penetrate. We find this unusual because we are used to being able to think about things, and all things that we know are described by thought. This mystery is something that thinking cannot know because it is not a thing. Thinking cannot think the answer which it is certain must exist and which must lie deep within.

Since oneness is not a thing, it is sometimes called nothing. It appears as the things that we experience: the world of things and relationships between things.

Thinking is bound to think of oneness and its appearances as two, but oneness always remains as one.

This incredible concept means that anyone and anything is simultaneously the thing it appears to be and the totality of existence. All things then are one because they are are each the completeness of totality.

As William Blake said:

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
eternity in an hour."

The glorious implication of this is that there are no things or people which are cut off or separated from the totality. Then, since the totality is the ultimate reality, what appears as a person is actually an appearance just as a rock is an appearance. A body appears, thinking and sensing appears, but no actual separated person.

This means that actually there is no-one there. The person appears to be a stand-alone entity because as things happen to an apparent body thinking says "this is happening to me" and as thoughts flow through an apparent brain it says "I think this". The consequence is that there is no-one there makings choices; choices happen and then thinking follows along very quickly afterwards and says "I decide this ...".

This understanding does not deny the experiences or the wonder. The endeavours that are made and the great and glorious as well as the petty and dreadful do all appear. The apparent mistake is made when the appearance is taken to be an ultimate reality, a truth. As is said, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Both views are appearances and all appearances are what they appear to be and the totality of life.

We see

and know

that the boundaries that we meet

are not the unlimited completeness.

There is a yearning to know

the infinite.

The wonder that surrounds this

indicates the situation.

So much more

than could ever be thought.

Thinking stands in awe.

And the world

a speck that glints in the light.

We hold ideas

as to how things are,

what is true and

why things happen.

This is nothing

appearing as ideas.

How could we describe such beauty?

It sounds a chord so deep in us,

extending so far

across the efforts of men.

It talks of such depth

that we would weep to see it.

And life is not confined;

it does not matter what we know.

It is very simple,

but thinking cannot achieve

that simplicity.

The limitless is not known,

because knowing is an activity

within the appearance.

Not someone watching the appearance,

the someone

is part of the appearance.


wider than it is possible to touch,

with depth upon depth,

without end.

Achingly beautiful.

Not beautiful as objects are beautiful,

but beautiful as well.

It is complete

so has no need,

no desire or hope for something else,

and so it is ever free.

Only in deep stillness

do we begin to sense

the completeness and

fullness of being.

How could we describe such beauty,

sounding a chord so deep within,

extending far across the efforts of men.

It talks of such depth

that we would weep to see it


not a being,

not a superior being,

is the unchanging.

There is no division in being;

what would divide it?

There is no-where where it is not.